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Hantelių rinkinys su lagaminu HMS SKC20 2x10kg

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  • A dumbbell with replaceable weights is a classics and, at the same time, a must have for every home gym. The SKC20 HMS is a set of two chromium-plated steel dumbbells. However, they can be joined together to form a bar. High quality chrome-plated steel guarantees high strength and it ensures long-term life of the equipment. What's more, the steel is covered with PVC material, which additionally protects it and at the same time absorbs any impact. Clamps and perfectly fitting diameter of the weight hole make it easier to replace the load quickly and to ensure robust position on the bar. The clamps are threaded, but they also have additional protection which is a tightening screw. Hence, the weighs do not shift in any way during a workout. Due to a special extension it is possible to join two short bars into a long one. This innovative solution significantly extends the range of possibilities. A user can have a barbell to do exercises that are not possible or not comfortable when using dumbbells. Having one product, we can use two. The set comprises two bars, four clamps, bars connection system and total no. of 16 weights. All of these in a comfortable suitcase. The product is suitable for both, advanced users and beginners. Start your training today, the SKC20 HMS is an ideal choice for a home gym.

    • The set includes:
      • Short bar x 2
      • Bars coupling system x 1
      • Weights 2,5 kg x 4
      • Weights 1,25 kg x 4
      • Weights 0,5 kg x 4
      • Clamps x 4

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