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Greitai ir lengvai surenkami vartai Spartan Flex 122x76x76cm (2vnt.)

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  • The Football Goalpost Set Spartan Flex is a high quality goalpost that allows you to have fun with your friends and/or children. The goalposts are reinforced and feature a net. The assembly, anchoring and handling is so easy anyone can do it. Aside from the goalposts, the set also includes a practical carrying bag.

    Technical description:

    • Easy installation
    • Easy to handle
    • Folding frame
    • Stylish design
    • Net material: mesh nylon
    • Constuction: material: fiberglass
    • Dimensions: 122 x 76 x 76cm
    • Set contains: 2 goalposts with nets, plastic pin (3 pins per goal), carrying bag
    • Weight: 4kg

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