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Gimnastikos čiužinys Marbo MC-M006 200x120x5

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    Marbo Sport
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  • We want to offer you a training mattress that will provide you with comfort and safety, thanks to the use of the best materials that guarantee adequate strength and rigidity.

    The subject of the auction is an excellent gymnastic and training mattress with Velcro to be combined into modules of the Marbo-Sport company. Let me tell you about all its features and benefits and convince you that it is the best choice you can make. We will prove that at this price you will not find a more refined product.


    Applied solutions


    We don't offer you a mattress for one season, but a product that will last for many years. The materials and production technologies we use guarantee this.For the production of our mattresses we use the strongest variety of leather - abrasion and tear-resistant professional material used to manufacture products that face the most extreme challenges. We use the latest generation of Coats Epic core threads that combine the benefits of high tensile strength with versatile use and outstanding performance. The brand Durkopp Adler machines we use ensure the most precise sewing.


    Our mattresses are made only from the best quality material.

    For the production of mattresses, we use a specially reinforced variety of plawil - it is a material coated with polyvinyl chloride (popular PVC), which is safe for the exerciser, extremely durable and tear-resistant surface. The material of this species is used to make products that have to face the most extreme challenges - boxing bags, professional tents, climbing and rescue equipment.

    Make no mistake choosing a mattress made of cheap and flabby, skin-like material and don't be fooled by the "amazing offers" in which the cheapest tarpaulin material is used. You can't afford compromises!


    Consider that what is most important in the mattress is not visible to the eye.

    In our mattresses we use excellent quality foamed foam with a t40 stiffness. It is a material that provides both adequate rigidity and sensational effective protection against painful falls.

    See the difference between our product and competing products. It turns out that with exactly the same dimensions, our mattress is even twice as heavy as a competitive product. Do you know what this results from? Yes, the difference is filling them with the most ordinary, cheap foam.

    Velcro system

    We equipped our latest mattress model with a Velcro system.

    This solution gives you the option of folding gym paths or larger gym fields of any size from several mattresses.

    Reinforced corners

    What counts in the highest quality mattress is its highest durability.

    Especially for you, we strengthened the corners of our mattresses to provide you with maximum exercise pleasure and serve for many years. Thanks to them you can be sure that they will always retain their original shape and stiffness.


    Combat line

    Marbo-Sport starts with an absolutely new series of products, intended for real fighters. It doesn't matter if you are just an amateur of boxing, kickboxing, karate, judo or maybe you are standing on the biggest rings - you will always choose something for yourself from our offer. We offer you the highest quality boxing bags and excellent training mattresses, and much, much more in the near future.

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