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Free Weight Gate Marbo MS-W106

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    Marbo Sport
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  • The MS-W106 free weight gate from the Semi-Pro series is a multifunctional free weight device that has been equipped with a system of smooth adjustment of the handle position. Thanks to this solution, you will set the ideal starting position for training and you will be able to train practically any muscle part.

    Thanks to eighteen ball-bearing guide wheels, the door runs smoothly and quietly.

    The slider of the device is equipped with rubber bumpers that dampen the impact of returning load. This eliminates the risk of damage to the device and increases the life of the entire system.

    In the set you get everything necessary to immediately start the exercises: a free weight gate, steel cables with carabiners and rubber bumpers and two handles for one hand MH-C204.

    See what exercises you will do with the MS-W106 lift

    • Forearm straightening on the upper lift standing
    • Pulling the upper lift rod to the chest with the handle
    • Pulling the upper lift rod to the chest in the tract
    • Pulling the upper lift bar to the nape of the neck
    • Pulling the lower lift handle to the chest


    Applied solutions

    Guide wheels with bearings

    Thick, ball-bearing wheels are responsible for smooth cable routing. Thanks to the bearings, the device works smoothly and quietly.

    The wheels have a red cover.

    Load slider

    The MS-W106 model is designed to work with free load.

    You can place weights on two rods with a diameter of 25 mm and a length of 20 cm each.

    In addition, you get two perfectly matched fi25 mm spring clamps.

    Rubber bumper

    The end of the cable is equipped with a thick, rubber ball-shaped bumper.

    It protects the wheel against damage that may occur when releasing the handle after a series of exercises.

    Professional finish

    Pay attention to the finish of your new equipment!

    All metal elements have been painted with powder technique, which guarantees a perfect surface finish. In the new Semi-Pro line, all bolts and nuts are secured with plastic caps, and the wheels are covered with red housings.

    Thanks to the use of rubber feet on the legs of the lift you can be sure that it will not scratch your floor.

    Semi-Pro line - home use equipment

    The Marbo Semi-Pro series is targeted at demanding home users who value comfort and confidence in exercising.

    The strong 50x50x2 mm profile guarantees maximum structural strength and the use of thick pressure knobs and an excellent speciesupholstery in two colors leaves no doubt that we are dealing with the best quality equipment.

    Give up compromises and enjoy the pleasure of exercising!

    To ensure the safety of your customers, our equipment has been checked for safety and compliance with applicable standardsby the European Quality Center.

    The result of these tests are the Safety Certificate and Top Security Certificate that we received for devices from the Semi-Pro line.

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