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Elektrinis paspirtukas W-TEC Billar 500W 12” - Blue

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  • A more powerful and better equipped version of the popular scooter, the minimalist E-Scooter W-TEC Billar 500W combines safety and easy control. The sturdy but folding frame makes the scooter easy to store while the long and stable handlebars and seat allow for a comfortable and exciting ride. This scooter is suitable for both young and old users as the electric drive allows even a tired rider to reach their destination. The joy this unusual electric toy brings you is priceless.

    This scooter will help you get to school, work or avoid traffic jams. Moreover, it will also allow you to ride on bike paths, paved roads or forest roads. The basket in the rear make the scooter ideal for shopping or carrying smaller items (up to 10 kg). Moreover, you can ride the scooter in places where combustion engines are not allowed. A combination of speed and dexterity, the 12” inflatable wheels and sophisticated rear suspension will deal with bumps on the road. The two disc brakes will keep you safe while the front and rear lights will improve your visibility in low light conditions.

    The kickstand will come in handy when the scooter is not in use while the fenders allow for a comfortable ride in the rain. If you need to transport the scooter, just fold up the handlebars, adjust the seat to the lowest position and put the scooter in the trunk of your car. If you need to stop for a while, lock the scooter using the ignition switch key lock (which its predecessor didn’t have). As a result, you won’t have to carry a heavy lock anymore.

    The 10.2Ah battery allows for a 30km distance range on a single charge. Moreover, you can use the scooter even if the battery is dead (by pushing off the ground). 

    The E-Scooter W-TEC Billar is perfect for transportation in large halls, warehouses and places or situations when you need to transport anything. 

    Accessories:  Rear suspension, throttle lever, ignition switch key lock, folding handlebars, multi-purpose backlit display (powered by central battery), kickstand, fenders, bell.


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