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Dviratis Reebok A4.0 Silver

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  • Designed for more effective and varied home cardio training, the Astroride A4.0 Bike is fully equipped to develop your cardio and muscular endurance whilst maintaining minimal impact on your joints. At the heart of the A4.0 is a solid 6 kg internal flywheel, providing a smooth and consistent rotation for stronger home cycling workouts. Complimenting the flywheel with 8 levels of manual resistance plus 3 custom target programmes, the A4.0 is ideal for steady-state and interval training, with the functionality for sprint and high-resistance workouts.


    Running without the need for mains power, the A4.0 has no need for restrictive wires, adaptors or sockets; giving you the freedom to train anywhere in the house. With integrated heavy-duty transport wheels plus 4 points of floor level adjustment, the stylish Astroride 4.0 is easily moveable and adjusted for a solid cycling foundation and better training experience.


    Fitted with an intuitive console and 5.5" LCD screen, the A4.0 delivers complete control over your workout, allowing you to quickly assess your performance across a host of key training metrics including speed, time, distance, calories and RPM. The A4.0's control console also features hand pulse sensors, delivering real-time pulse data for both safer and more effective cardio sessions. Complete with a phone/tablet holder within the control console, the A4.0 delivers the optimum viewing angle for your favourite shows or training playlists. Alternatively, the device holder is ideal for following along with any online workout class or pushing yourself through fitness apps; allowing you to join in with endless cycling classes from home.


    Featuring a densely padded 'soft saddle' with both vertical and horizontal adjustment, the A4.0 gives you complete control over your riding position. Producing a more comfortable and effective ride, the easily adjustable saddle and handles are accompanied by durably gripped pedals which also feature adaptable straps for further stability.


    Solid, dependable and built to last, the A4.0 Bike offers a maximum user weight of 120 kg. Backing up the quality and effectiveness of the Astroride range, the A4.0 comes complete with Reebok's quality assurance for complete peace of mind, giving you 2 years of guarantee on the bike's frame, computer, brakes and plastic.

    • Solid 6 kg internal flywheel creates a smooth cycling motion for a consistent cadence
    • 8 manual resistance levels allow you to adjust the intensity via the tension dial
    • 3 custom target programmes plus a recovery function offer varied challenges to keep you motivated
    • No mains power required - train without being tethered to the wall
    • Intuitive console with a clear 5.5" LCD screen gives you detailed feedback and complete control
    • Workout with your chosen fitness app to explore classes and challenges via your phone, tablet or TV
    • Integrated hand pulse sensors located on the handles measure and report your pulse
    • Real-time feedback metrics include: speed, time, distance, calories, pulse and RPM
    • Built-in tablet and phone holder provides the optimum viewing angle
    • Densley padded 'soft saddle' delivers greater comfort and support
    • Dual-adjustable saddle with both vertical and horizontal adjustment
    • Saddle height ranges from 65 cm - 95 cm to suit all rider heights
    • Easily adjustable handles help tailor your setup to match your preference
    • Durably gripped pedals with easily adjustable straps provide further stability when riding
    • Water bottle holder within easy reach to help keep you hydrated during exercise
    • Integrated heavy-duty transport wheels make the bike easier to move around your home
    • 4 points of floor level adjustment ensure the bike is stable for a better riding experience
    • Solid and dependable build quality results in a max. user weight of 120 kg (18st. 12lb)
    • Setup dimensions: 100 (L) x 50 (W) x 130 (H) cm
    • Reebok's quality assurance delivers 2-years frame, computer, brake, plastic and labour guarantee

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