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Dviguba rankinė pompa WORKER WaveTrip

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  • Suitable for inflatable paddle boards, the Double Action Hand Pump WORKER WaveTrip has two inflation modes: the double action mode for initial inflation with air flowing into the paddle board when the pump moves up and down; and the single action mode (regular pumping) for final inflation (up to 27 psi). The built-in pressure gauge allows you to follow the current pressure. The Double Action Hand Pump WORKER WaveTrip has an ergonomic T-bar handle that allows for easy pumping, and anti-slip footboards for better stability.  


    Technical description:


    • Paddle board pump with two inflation modes
    • Double Action mode: initial inflation
    • Single Action mode: final inflation at maximum pressure
    • Built-in pressure gauge
    • Ergonomic T-bar handle
    • Anti-slip footboards for better stability
    • Long service life

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