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Bokso maišas Ring Sport Kolos juodas/baltas 130/45 45kg

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    Ring Sport
    45 kg
    130 mm
    45 mm
    130 mm
    24 mėn.
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  • • Belt surrounding the bag -  is an impeccable form of improvement and strengthening of the straps holding the bag chains. In addition, it masks the place where the chains are sewn into the bag, thanks to which it enlarges the training area, and also reduces injuries and skin abrasions.

    • Printing -  made by screen printing technique, it perfectly blends with the structure of the material (it does not stick out), thus preventing unwanted unevenness in the training area.

      Lace-up closure  - bag provides excellent tear strength

      Metal rivets -  protect the material against cutting and have smooth edges to protect against abrasion of the strings for tying the bag

    •  Chain  - The bag hangs on 4 lengths of a strong, welded, super durable chain. Chains do not twist during training - the upper attachment is rotatable.

    •  Swivel link  allows easy chain length adjustment.

    •  Tightness:  There is an additional material fold under the binding, which ensures absolute tightness of the bag.

    • We  strengthen the bottom of the punching bag with double straps,  which allows the bag to be attached from the bottom by a metal triangle.
    Our innovative technology gives the effect  of  bag stability under strong impacts.



    RING bags are made of 8-layer PVC material called DRACOPLAV.

    It is a special material manufactured for the needs of our production. Plawil - as it is also called - is characterized by extraordinary resistance to tearing and stretching.

    We fill our bags with several layers of various materials, including cotton, felt and micro-rubber clippings.

    Many years of experience  in the production of punching bags allowed us to develop a  proprietary technology of filling the bag . It guarantees firm compaction of the material, ensuring the user the appropriate hardness and weight of the bag. Thanks to our best efforts, our punching bags are considered by many respected athletes to be the   best filled bags on the market!

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