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Bokso maišas inSPORTline Robkin 90x35cm - Black-White

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    30 kg
    35 mm
    90 mm
    35 mm
    24 mėn.
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  • The Punching Bag inSPORTline Robkin 90 x 35 cm is a high-quality punching bag suitable even for the most demanding users. Made of durable synthetic leather, this punching bag features printed targets that allow you to improve your punching accuracy, taking your training to another level. The punching bag is extremely durable and can withstand the hardest kicks and punches. Filled with textile rags and leather, the bag weighs 25 kg.

    The Punching Bag inSPORTline Robkin 90 x 35 cm features a steel ring on the bottom, which allows you to attach the bag to the floor, making it even more stable. If you are looking for a punching bag that would allow you to practice all kinds of punches and kicks, the Punching Bag inSPORTline Robkin 90 x 35 cm is the perfect choice. This punching bag is primarily suitable for home use.

    Technical description:

    • High-quality punching bag of synthetic leather
    • Comes with chains
    • Steel ring on bottom for attaching to floor
    • Suitable for practicing all kinds of kicks and punches
    • Printed targets for improving punching accuracy
    • Suitable for beginners as well as experienced boxers
    • Weight: 90 cm
    • Diameter: 35 cm
    • Weight: 25 kg
    • Cover material: synthetic leather
    • Filling material: textile rags and leather
    • Suitable for home use

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