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Batų apkaustai nuo paslydimo Nortec Street - M(37-40)

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  • The Ice Cleats Nortec Street will prevent you from slipping on icy sidewalks or other slippery surfaces. They can easily be attached to any shoe type. The stainless steel points provide excellent traction on icy surfaces, thus keeping you safe when you are walking in city streets. The points are ideally placed, thus providing excellent stability on trampled snow and/or ice. The points are attached to a highly durable, thermoplastic elastomer on the shoe, which ensures a perfect fit. Therefore, it prevents snow or fallen leaves from getting in between the ice cleat and the shoe. The Ice Cleats Nortec Street come with a high quality, waterproof cover for easy storing/carrying. These ice cleats are perfect for those who want to feel safe when walking on icy sidewalks. The Ice Cleats Nortec Street come in a variety of sizes, which makes them suitable not only for seniors, but also for children.     

    Technical description:

    • Practical ice cleats suitable for in-town use
    • Suitable for any shoe type
    • Excellent traction
    • Perfect stability
    • Quick and easy attachment
    • Extremely lightweight
    • Come with waterproof cover
    • Suitable for icy sidewalks
    • Number of points: 10
    • Material: stainless steel, thermoplastic elastomer
    • Weight: 140g

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