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Apsauginis kulkšnies įtvaras HMS SS1826 dydis S/M

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  • SS1826 HMS is a seamless ankle band. The product provides perfect stiffening of the joint without restricting mobility. Its great advantage is absence of any seams. It enables free use in combination with everyday shoes. It does not cause any discomfort and it is very easy to put on. We simply put our foot in the middle of the band, next, from one side and then, from the other side we wrap the ankle and fasten the hooks and loops. The material of the band is very flexible, hence, a user can easily adjust it to his/her needs. It perfectly adapts to the shape of the leg and it also adheres perfectly to it. The product works well in case of a pain, minor inflammations and minor injuries. Advantages: Easy hooks and loops fastening It does not hamper moving Material stretchable in all directions Intended use: Pains Minor injuries Slight inflammations REMARKS:Not for the commercial use

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