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Apkaustai batams vaikščiojimui ledu Nortec Trail - XL (45-48)

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  • The Crampons Nortec Trail are top quality crampons suitable for trail running and uphill running. Their unique structure provides excellent stability and traction even on ice and/or icy snow. Since these crampons are extremely lightweight, you will not even feel them on your feet. Moreover, they are also suitable for trekking, Nordic walking and other winter activities. They can easily be attached to any shoe type. The 14 ideally placed points of stainless steel will keep you safe on any slippery surface. The steel structure with points is attached to a highly durable elastomer on the top side of the shoe, which keeps the crampons in place and ensures a perfect fit. Therefore, it prevents snow or fallen leaves from getting in between the crampon and the shoe. The Crampons Nortec Trail come with a high quality, compact cover with a handle for easy carrying. As a result, the points will not do any damage to the other items in your backpack. The Crampons Nortec Trail are perfect not only for trail runners, mountain lovers or hunters, but also for those who like walking in the snow or on icy surfaces.

    Technical description:

    • Crampons suitable for the most demanding conditions
    • Excellent mechanical durability
    • Heat treated stainless steel points
    • Excellent traction
    • Perfect stability
    • Quick and easy attachment
    • Extremely lightweight
    • Come with quality cover
    • Suitable for trail running, trekking, Nordic walking and/or hunting
    • Number of points: 14
    • Point length: 8mm
    • Material: stainless steel, silicone elastomer
    • Weight: 180g (pair)

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